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Our Team

Meet our team – the creative brains behind it all.

Andrew Tan

Decisive Motivator

The lynchpin of the team, Andrew constantly emboldens his employees to venture into new knowledge and enterprises as visionaries – within and beyond work.

A champion of environmental sustainability in business and personal philosophy, he encourages everyone to embrace environmentally friendly habits as a way of life.

Andrew began providing hands-on furniture delivery services as a self-made entrepreneur, in addition to managing diverse roles for the company in accounts and sales.

Carving out a name for EFR from bottom to top, he established a strong customer-oriented corporate culture across the board: Providing the best service to our clients is our top priority.

Sim Tze Cheng

The Family Man

Tze Cheng is a dedicated family man who follows a work-family balance philosophy. When he’s not winning over clients with his charming smile, he likes to play sports during his free time.

Despite his busy schedule in juggling the roles of being the leader of the Sales team and main person in charge of our subsidiary in Malaysia, he remains approachable and friendly to everyone.

Kenneth Teo

Resident Superman

If there’s anyone who can do anything all at once, it’s our resident Superman – Kenneth. Touted as a charming gentleman, he’s also the one with the most musical talents – he can play multiple instruments, sing and dance!

Dayna Ngai

The Arithmetic Artist

Dayna is the seeker of the arts and sea. With a meticulous eye for detail and an alter ego that lives in a world of numbers, her secret to life is a blend of tea and OCD management. In her spare time, she goes on cruises and enjoys travelling.

Rachelle Bermudez

The Globetrotter

Rachelle is a go-getter and an adventure-seeker, willing to go to great lengths for her career. She explores different parts of the world to understand the culture of her expatriate clients. Born with strong vocals, her voice can make people turn heads!


When it comes to work, our friendly in-house delivery team is very professional in their dealings. So, leave your worries behind because they can get the job done well and on time. Each delivery always presents new opportunities for us to understand you and get onsite to provide hands-on support and assessment.

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Our office will be closed for Hari Raya Haji on 17 June 2024. We will reopen on 18 June 2024. Thank you!