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Go Green

Sustainable furniture rental solutions for the greater good of Mother Earth.


With the surge of real estate developments and the continuous relocation of expats from one place to another due to work requirements, it’s inevitable that the need for furniture arises in every home or work place. The responsibility to protect our environment and preserve our resources needs to be prioritised as well.


As EFR’s mission is to provide furniture solutions for our clients’ convenience, we always keep in mind our green initiatives in every aspect of our working process and reduce our carbon footprint.


Similar to CORT’s sustainable practices in going green through furniture models that produce less greenhouses gases, we uphold the same belief in protecting our natural resources through earth-friendly solutions as a proud member of CORT’s global furniture network

Saving Trees and Preventing Deforestation

We repair and repurpose furniture that are still in good condition – to be sold to or rented by customers. Rental gives furniture another chance for a purpose before being thrown away. At least half the demand for new furniture can be reduced through furniture rental, saving our precious resources for another day. Read about how we do it

Paperless Processes

EFR champions environmental friendliness and paperless initiatives. With businesses going digital, we have encouraged all employees and clients to coordinate billing and invoices through email correspondence since 2017.

Environmental Sustainability

Transporting furniture domestically from our inventory produces far lesser greenhouse gases and consumes minimal fuel. Repurposing and reusing furniture will also curb the need for disposal and prolong the lifespan of good quality furniture.

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